Bullet-resisting glass

Bullet-resisting glass Bullet-resisting glass
  1. Detailed information


1. Bullet-resisting glass is composite security glass made with high-quality glass and organic materials via special techniques (say high temperature or heat curving etc.) as per the standards.

2. Bullet-resisting principle: The impact of high-speed bullet hits on the glass and cracks the glass, with the deformation produced warheads, the kinetic energy be reduced  or absorbed until prevented, while the glass fragments are stuck by organic interlayer, and lead to no hurting.

3. Performance:

Professional bullet-resisting high mechanical strength, can effectively block the high-speed flying objects with interlayer.

Defensive to violence: High impact strength and flexibility is helpful to defend the vandalism or invasion.

Good adhesion: At strong shocks, glass fragments are stuck by interlayer to avoid hurting to human beings.

Less thickness: With special organic material, the glass has less thickness than the bullet-resisting glass of same level.

Bullet-resisting glass is widely used in safety precautions area like banks, postal savings outlets, cash truck, gold and silver jewelry cabinets etc.

Bullet-resisting glass has 3 series: Aviation bullet-resisting glass, bullet-resisting glass for vehicles and vessels, and bullet-resisting glass for banks. Such glass can also be used in  securities, insurance, advanced villa, business building and other high security sites.

UL 752 Level 1 , Model Sainarmor I

UL 752 Level 3, Model Sainarmor III

UL 752 Level 4 , Model Sainarmor IV

UL 752 Level 5 , Model Sainarmor V


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