LED lighting glass

LED lighting glass LED lighting glass
  1. Detailed information

LED lighting glass is a new type of decorative glass, which is uses the conductivity of film as well as the white, blue LED with laser technology. As a novel decorative product, it acquires the translucency of glass, at the same time, the introduction of lighting one of the decorative and the decorative lighting, introducing a new concept to the interior decoration.


1, Figuration of LED via glass and its transparent performance.
2, Presented with LED located between the glass lites
3, "Invisible" circuit design enables simple decoration instead visible wires connection.
4, Low energy consumption and long life resulted from cold light source.
5, LED rich colors achieve various decoration.
6..LED rich patterns achieve more imagination.


Glass curtain wall, interior decoration, billboard lights, glass door, exhibition cabinets, floor, furniture and decorative window glass display.


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