Solar-control Low-E Glass

Solar-control Low-E Glass Solar-control Low-E Glass
  1. Detailed information

1.Suitable visible light transmittance, sheltering the outdoor sight, which allows proper lighting effect.
2.Low solar transmittance, effectively preventing the solar radiation. SC<0.5
3.High far-infrared ray reflectivity, low heat transfer coefficient (U value), and good insulation properties
4.Help in energy-saving if made into IGU (#2)
Applicable range:
1.Heat and heat insulation enables it be applied in both southern and northern areas. In summer it can prevent effectively solar thermal from coming indoors, and reflect the outdoor far-infrared heat radiation. In winter, the solar heat intensity turns down 1 / 3 of that in summer to keep the proper insulation performance.
2.Available for various buildings with proper decoration and sheltering.


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