Heat-reflective coated glass

Heat-reflective coated glass, also known as solar-control coated glass, is plating on high-quality float glass surface with a vacuum magnetron sputtering way to multi-layer metal or compounds coating. It can control the direct solar radiation reflection, transmittance and absorption by the ratio to reach the needed reflective color。The development of architectural aesthetics arouses high requirements to the architectural glass on lighting with appropriate sight shielding, energy-saving with decoration, which could be realized by heat-reflective coated glass.

Low Emissivity Coating Glass

Low Emissivity Coating Glass (Low-E Coating Glass) is a product which applies several uniforms coatings of metal or other compounds by vacuum magnetron sputtering. High visible light transmittance and high reflection of infrared ray enable the glass to have good performance of heat insulation.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass and heat strengthened glass are processed through heating floating glass to a very high temperature and getting it cool down quickly. In this way the intensity of glass surface can be greatly increased and can satisfy the safety need for various architectural building.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is made with two or more glass panes with interlayer bonded under heat and pressure. The interlayer, usually clear, can be PVB、EVA、SGP、PU、SGX. Processing methods including wet laminating and dry laminating, where latter one can be done by rolling and pressing or vacuum taking.

Heat curved glass

Heat curved glass is processed by heating the glass to softening point, forming into pre-made module and getting it match the shape under dead load or foreign force, then cooling.

Ceramic frit glass

Ceramic frit glass is made by printing the ceramic frit on to the glass surface with screening printer, and tempering it thereafter. The frit is glazed with the feature of acid and alkali resistance.The color and pattern are variable with  enough options. Besides, it bears strong resistance against the color fading and influence of acid and alkali;

Fire-resistant glass

Fire-resistant glass is a glass type which can keep its structure unity, thermal insulated performance and heat radiation intensity under the condition of standard test of fire-resistance.

Bullet-resisting glass

Bullet-resisting glass is composite security glass made with high-quality glass and organic materials via special techniques (say high temperature or heat curving etc.) as per the standards.

LED lighting glass

LED lighting glass is a new type of decorative glass, which is uses the conductivity of film as well as the white, blue LED with laser technology. As a novel decorative product, it acquires the translucency of glass, at the same time, the introduction of lighting one of the decorative and the decorative lighting, introducing a new concept to the interior decoration.

switchable glass

At the flick of a switch, switchable glass products become transparent from a dormant, cloudy-white translucent state. It therefore, provides creative design applications for architects and other innovative and practical users.

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