Insulated glass

Insulated glass Insulated glass
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The insulated glass is a prefabricated unit made of two or more glass panes with aluminum or stainless steel spacers filled with desiccant, which are edge-sealed with compound sealant (butyl, polysulfide or structural sealant).

The variety of IGU can be achieved by applying spacers of black, white, gray etc and sealant of same color.



Optical performance: Visible LT 10-80% and LR 13-35% depends on different panes of IGU.

Thermal feature: IGU can reduce U value, esp. when filled with inert gas.

Sound insulation: IGU can lower the noise. If applied with laminated pane, 80 decibels of the traffic noise could be as low as 45 decibels.

Sealing feature: Aluminum spacer is bendable and minimize the joints; dual sealing keeps the air-tightness and life of IGU.

Due resistance: Desiccant keeps the dryness inside the spacer and resists forming of due.

Processing limit:

Max size: 2400×4500mm

Min size: 200×300 mm

Max thickness: 60mm

Spacer width: 6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm etc.


GB 11944

ASTM E 2190、EN 1279


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